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Real-time PC Games TuneUp With Live Optimization

Real-time Games Performance TuneUp with Game Fire

Nowadays PC games become more demanding of system resources so that you can enjoy playing them without any slowdown or lags, the good thing is that many of modern PCs and laptops are equipped with powerful hardware platforms that are capable of playing the most resources hungry games however the problem is that your system resources are not by default dedicated only to your games as they are shared among other apps, background processes and other system components, so this makes your games not able to fully utilize your hardware platform power.

The solution for the problem is the Live Optimization feature of Game Fire 5, which unlike other game boosters can significantly boost running apps and games performance in real-time by allowing them to fully utilize all available system resources and in the same time restrict the access to available resources by background processes and services which are not necessary for playing games.

Game Fire 5 - Live Optimization

Live Optimization

In the following example you will get the idea of how Live Optimization works. when you launch your web browser to surf the Internet, Live Optimization automatically allocates high processing priority to your web browser application allowing faster startup and allow you to enjoy a smoother Internet experience with HD movies streaming and web applications, when you switch to another application Live Optimization restores the normal processing priority of the web browser application and focuses processing priority on the application you switched to. All of these operations take place in the background without any interruptions, the end result would be a smoother computing experience.

Also in order to improve system response rate, Live Optimization automatically optimizes background processes, for example when a certain background process is taking too much of CPU processing power, Live Optimization will automatically deprioritize it in order to improve system response and make more system resources available to run your applications and games.

You can configure the way Live Optimization works by going to Game Fire Settings and then switch to Live Optimization tab (see Help file for detailed information).

To access Live Optimization log and information of last optimized applications and processes, right click on Game Fire icon in the system tray and then click Status.

Game Fire 5 - System Status

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Game Fire is a powerful PC games optimization solution, that enables you to enjoy a smoother and more pleasant gaming experience with a touch of button by optimizing your computer for peak performance.

New Features of PC Services Optimizer 3

In the following quick notes, I will share some of the new features and enhancements introduced in the upcoming release of PC Services Optimizer.

1. PC Services Optimizer now targets Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2, allowing it to take full advantage of improved performance and reliability offered by .NET 4.5.2

2. Microsoft Windows 10 support has been added to PC Services Optimizer 3 to allow the optimization of Windows 10 services.

3. PC Services Optimizer 3 now supports localization, this means it can be easily translated to various languages. Initially PC Services Optimizer 3 will support French and Germany languages, however other languages will be supported later.

4. Feedback module has been added to PC Services Optimizer, to allow you to easily send your feedback and error reports to Smart PC Utilities.

5. PC Services Optimizer 3 comes with new modern dark theme with new graphic elements.

6. Added Windows services search functionality in Services Manager.

7. Added the ability to manage multiple services at the same time in Services Manager.

8. New Gaming Mode engine has been introduced that has improved services and scheduled tasks optimization.

9. New Windows services to be optimized have been added to Manual TuneUp.

10. Fixed several bugs affecting PC Services Optimizer on Windows 64-bit.

PC Services Optimizer is an open source system tweaking software that enables you to optimize Windows services in an easy, automatic and safe way based on the way you use your computer.

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PC Startup Master 3 Released

PC Startup Master 3

PC Startup Master 3

We at Smart PC Utilities are proud to announce the release of PC Startup Master 3 code named “Kagu“, a major update for our Windows startup management and optimization solution.

PC Startup Master (formerly Startup Master) is released in two flavors the Pro edition and Free Open Source one, both bringing new and enhanced features aimed to improve the management of system startup settings.

In the following quick notes, you will get a summery about new features and enhancements introduced in PC Startup Master 3

1. PC Startup Master now targets Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2, this allows PC Startup Master to take full advantage of improved performance and reliability offered by .NET 4.5.2, however it made PC Startup Master not compatible with Microsoft Windows XP.

2. Re-designed Startup Delayer allows better control of delayed startup applications, for example you can specify the delay time for each delayed startup item. PC Startup Master Pro provides more advanced options like whatever to launch delayed startup item only of the computer is connected to the Internet and/or if system CPU usage is lower than certain value.

3. Startup Guard received big attention in this major update, starting with the new notifications design that allows you to get more information about detected startup changes, the ability to undo the deletion of startup applications, the improved startup events logging and finally several bug fixes affecting Startup Guard.

3. PC Startup Master Pro is now able to manage and optimize Windows services and scheduled tasks beside startup applications located in system startup folders and Windows Registry entries. This allows you to take maximum control on system startup process.

4. PC Startup Master 3 is equipped with User Feedback module, allowing you to send your feedback, suggestions and bug reports directly to PC Startup Master development team.

5. Startup applications search functionality has been added to PC Startup Master, enabling you to find specific startup items by name, target or publisher.

6. Listing of startup applications has been enhanced with new startup columns which can be easily customized, new startup highlighting options and by organizing startup application into groups according to their location and type.

7. Improved startup items sorting.

8. Improved the online search for startup items information.

9. Improved the adding and editing of startup items with a new GUI design.

10. PC Startup Master 3 brought several bug fixes especially on Windows 64-bit.

11. Major UI enhancements with support for high DPI settings.

The source code of PC Startup Master 3 Free will be available very soon on CodePlex under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.

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PC Startup Master is a Windows startup management and optimization solution that helps you take control of applications which run automatically on system startup, enabling you to prevent unnecessary applications from running on Windows startup, this will dramatically increase system startup speed and enhance system response.

New features of Startup Master 3

In the article, I will share with you some of key features and enhancements introduced in the upcoming version of Startup Master, our open source Windows startup manager and optimizer.

1. Windows Services & Scheduled Tasks

In Startup Master 3, you can not only manage startup items in Windows Registry and startup folders, but you can also manage Windows services and scheduled tasks which many of them are starting automatically on system startup. By managing those special startup items, you will be able to have more control on system startup process and will be able to optimize system startup speed and system responsiveness.

Startup Master can view and manage all services and scheduled tasks types including system and applications services and tasks. You will have the control to allow which services and tasks to be viewed and managed by Startup Master.

2. Advanced Startup Delayer Options

New advanced options have been added to Startup Delayer to enable you to have more control on delayed startup items. For example, you can specify whatever to launch a startup item after a certain amount of seconds or when the CPU usage is lower than a certain value. You can also specify the priority and the style of each delayed startup item.

3. Improved Startup Guard

Startup Guard received important updates to address some bugs and improve reliability and performance. Startup Guard log was also improved and Windows services monitor was also added to detect the running of Windows services.

4. Major UI enhancements

Startup Master 3 received major improvements in the terms of user interface. New columns have been added to provide more information about each startup item with the ability to customize which columns to be shown.

Startup items highlighting allows startup items to be easily identified according to their status with options to change individual highlighting colors.

When creating new startup items or editing existing ones, you can choose programs to be added as startup items and their startup locations in more graphical and easy interface instead of plan lists.

Startup Master 3 Screenshots:


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