Game Fire Pro 6.3 Released

We at Smart PC Utilities are very excited to announce the release of a new version for our game booster software Game Fire. We know that it has been a while since we released new updates for Game Fire, however the new version (6.3.3262) brings lots of new features, enhancements and bug fixes aimed to offer you the best gaming experience possible.

The new update is only available for Game Fire Pro, however it be available for the Free edition very soon.

In the following short notes, I will highlight the most interesting new features and enhancements brought by the game booster Game Fire 6.3.

My Games

Game Booster Game Fire - Games Manager
My Games

Game Fire 6.3 introduced various enhancements to My Games feature like the ability to edit game information of games imported from Window Game Explorer, adding Details view to games listed in My Games and adding an option to easily switch between various game sources.

The new Game Fire came with an improved Game Scanner that supports more games, has an improved game scanning algorithms for better speed and accuracy, and added new options to customize folders to scan for installed games.

You can now add large cover arts to listed games, meanwhile we are working on a new website that you can use to download cover arts for your favorite games.

Steam integration has been greatly improved, Game Fire can now import Steam games from all user libraries not only the default library like the previous versions of the software. The new version of Game Fire also wont require public profiles or Internet access to import Steam games.

Game Fire can now track Steam games execution so that it can automatically turn off Game Mode when you finish playing.

The new update added the support of tracking the last play date and play count of games imported from Steam and Windows Game Explorer.

User Interface

Game Booster Game Fire - Game Mode Report
Game Mode Report

The interface of Game Fire v6.3 has received major changes and enhancements. For example, we have added a shortcut button besides the Game Mode button, this button allows you to easily access common Game Fire features.

We have improved the Game Mode Report interface by  including more details about changes made by Game Fire to your system settings. For example, it can now display number of running services before and after Game Mode.


Game Fire - Feedback
Game Fire Feedback

We have improved the feedback app included with Game Fire so that you can send us your valuable feedback with much ease. You can now attach files or take screenshots to send along with your feedback.

We added a new option to automatically send error reports generated by Game Fire to Smart PC Utilities, however you can disable this feature by unchecking “Automatically send error reports to Smart PC Utilities” under Feedback section in Game Fire Settings.

Live Optimization

Game Booster Game Fire - Real-time Games Optimization
Live Optimization Log

Game booster Live Optimization feature has received lots of enhancements that aimed to intelligently boost games and apps performance in real-time and prevent unnecessary processes from consuming system resources.

We have improved the Live Optimization log. For instance, you can manage or exclude certain processes from Live Optimization directly from the log.

Other Game Booster Improvements

  • System Optimizer got new system tweaks and improved the optimization algorithms.
  • We have improved the Game files defragment algorithms and added support for localized defragment reports.
  • Game Mode core engine received several improvements to enable faster switch to Game Mode along with various bug fixes for example fixed a bug prevented Game Fire from correctly restoring optimized processes.
  • Game Fire startup speed has been greatly improved a long with better handling of multiple application instances. We have also improved Game Fire error handling and recovery.
  • We added a new option to skip UAC warning when you launch Game Fire so that you can launch Game Fire more quickly.
  • Game Fire can now detect SSD drives and it will warn you when try to defarg game files stored on SSD drives.

This update is available via Live Update for Pro users who have an active updates subscription.

Download 30-day trial version of Game Fire Pro

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