Optimize Windows Services – PC Services Optimizer v4.3

We at Smart PC Utilities are thrilled to announce the release of PC Services Optimizer v4.3. The new update for our Windows services manager and optimizer enables users to improve their computer’s performance and reliability by optimizing unnecessary Windows services that run automatically at the system startup. PC Services Optimizer v4.3 brings several UI enhancements, feature improvements, and bug fixes, allowing users to optimize Windows services easily and safely.

You can download the new version from the PC Services Optimizer download page. If you are already a PC Services Optimizer Pro user, you can use the application’s update feature to download and install the new update.

In this article, we will highlight the new features, improvements, and bug fixes of PC Services Optimizer, version 4.3.1500. For a comprehensive list of changes, please visit the PC Services Optimizer release notes page.

What is New in the Windows Services Manager and Optimizer, PC Services Optimizer v4.3:

User Interface

Optimize Windows services with PC Services Optimizer v4.3 - User Profile in dark mode.
PC Services Optimizer v4.3 – Dark mode
  • We have added support for two new languages, Czech and Portuguese. We will continue to support more UI localizations in future releases. Additionally, we have included an option in the application’s main menu to allow users to select the user interface language.
  • The Flat UI Framework supporting the PC Services Optimizer interface has been updated to v1.5.368. The new version of the UI framework brings improved performance and includes several fixes for UI glitches and bugs.
  • We have enhanced the dark mode to support more windows and UI elements of PC Services Optimizer. Furthermore, we have added an option in the application’s main menu to allow users to select the application UI mode.

Third-party Windows Services

We are currently developing a new feature that will enable users to optimize not only the pre-installed Windows services but also services created by third-party applications. This will help users further improve their system’s performance and reliability.

Currently, you can use the Services Manager feature to identify and disable Windows services related to third-party applications that you can find under the Application Services category. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of the functionality of these services to avoid disabling critical ones that could lead to application or system crashes.

To make it easier and safer for users to optimize third-party Windows services, PC Services Optimizer will provide easy-to-understand options similar to those offered by Automatic TuneUp and Manual TuneUp to optimize Windows services created by installed applications. We plan to implement this feature in PC Services Optimizer v5.

The development of this feature necessitates a database containing configurations of third-party Windows services. Therefore, PC Services Optimizer v4.3 and subsequent versions will collect anonymous data regarding users’ Windows service configurations. This data will include service names, startup configurations, descriptions, and other technical details. The data collected by PC Services Optimizer will be devoid of personal information and is solely for the purpose of building a database of third-party Windows services.

This database will assist in determining the most effective ways to optimize third-party Windows services and in developing user-friendly options for customizing the service optimization process.


  • Improved the logic used to detect and optimize Windows services.
  • Improved Windows services management in the Services Manager.
  • Improved the PC Services Optimizer’s debug mode so that users can toggle it on and off without the need to restart the application.
  • We have improved the software licensing system to be more reliable and resistant to hardware and system modifications.
  • The new version comes with an updated Feedback module.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a UI glitch in the User Profile window that caused labels to cover the optimization options.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented PC Services Optimizer from creating system restore points in Windows 11.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

Download PC Services Optimizer v4.3.1500 to Optimize Windows Services

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