PC Startup Master v3.0.237 Released

PC Startup Master

We at Smart PC Utilities are proud to announce the release of an update for our Windows startup management and optimization solution “PC Startup Master“, the new update is available for the FREE edition as well as the Professional one.

This new release brings usability and reliability changes for PC Startup Master, besides minor UI enhancements aimed to improve users experience.

PC Startup Master now supports Microsoft Windows XP, however Windows XP support is still absent in the Pro edition of PC Startup Master due to some technical limitations in Windows XP platform. For more information about supported platforms and requirements, see PC Startup Master FAQs.

In PC Startup Master Pro, serious bugs affecting license activation system were solved, those bugs caused PC Startup Master to ask for activation after being successfully activated before.

A bug affecting the management of Windows scheduled tasks causing PC Startup Master Pro to crash when encounter a corrupted scheduled task was successfully patched.

Startup Guard received a lot of fixes and features enhancements like the improved logging of startup settings changes.

The source code of the Free edition of PC Startup Master v3.0.237 Free will be available very soon on CodePlex under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.

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PC Startup Master is a Windows startup management and optimization solution that helps you take control of applications which run automatically on system startup, enabling you to prevent unnecessary applications from running on Windows startup, this will dramatically increase system startup speed and enhance system response.