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PC Startup Master - Windows Startup Manager and Optimizer

PC Startup Master 3

Cut Down PC Startup Time and Improve Security

  Optimizes system startup speed
  Enhances security using Startup Guard
  Controls Windows startup using powerful tools
  Customizable, safe and easy to use

PC Startup Master Award
Supports Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista
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Media Review

ABC Trick

"PC Startup Master is an amazing tool that allows you to manage and customize boot items of your computer. With it, you can view all items that are starting along with Windows in a GUI interface and be able to choose whether you want them to continue start on boot or stop them or even delay their service."

PC Startup Master PC Startup Master is Windows startup manager and optimizer solution that helps you take control of applications which run on system startup, allowing you to prevent unnecessary and unsafe programs from automatically starting on Windows startup.

This not only will enhance system startup speed and response, but also will improve security by preventing malicious applications.

Simple but Powerful

PC Startup Master was built to be a simple but powerful Windows startup manager and optimizer, providing a powerful set of tools to control startup applications with an easy to use and initiative user interface. This makes PC Startup Master ready for both beginners and advanced users.

Startup Delayer

Startup Delayer is a feature of PC Startup Master that helps in optimizing system startup speed by optimizing the sequence of launching startup applications, greatly reducing impact on system performance caused by too many applications starting at the same time.

Startup Guard

Startup Guard is a security add-on of PC Startup Master that is able to monitor, notify and undo changes made to Windows startup settings, protecting Windows startup from being modified by malware and unsafe software.

All In One

Beside controlling startup applications located in Windows Registry and system startup folders, PC Startup Master also provides the ability to manage and optimize Windows services and scheduled tasks in order to take maximum control of system startup process.

Powerful Tools

PC Startup Master provides a complete set of powerful tools for managing startup applications, You can use PC Startup Master to add, edit, enable, disable, delete, run and search information about a specific startup application.

Software License

PC Startup Master Free is an open source software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

PC Startup Master Pro is released under the terms of EULA (End User License Agreement)

Software Requirements

- Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview
- Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
- Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
- Microsoft Windows Vista with Service Pack 2
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

PC Startup Master Free does not support Windows 64-bit. To use PC Startup Master on Windows 64-bit, you should upgrade to PC Startup Master Pro.

Hardware Requirements

- 512 MB of RAM.
- 1 GHz or faster processor.
- 10 MB of free disk space.
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  • PC Startup Master - Startup Guard
  • PC Startup Master - Add/Edit Startup Item
  • PC Startup Master - Startup Guard Settings
  • PC Startup Master - Settings
  • PC Startup Master - Delayed Startup

What are the differences between the Pro and Free editions?

PC Startup Master is released in two editions Pro Edition and a FREE open source one, the professional edition has all features of the Free one plus Startup Guard, a security addon that monitors and protects Windows startup settings from being modified by malware and unsafe applications.

PC Startup Master Pro also offers advanced options to manage delayed startup items, Windows 64-bit support, automatic high priority updates and premium technical support.

Does PC Startup Optimizer support Microsoft Windows XP?

PC Startup Master uses advanced technology and features that are not supported by Microsoft Windows XP, for that technical reasons PC Startup Optimizer does NOT support Windows XP, however if you want to use it on Windows XP, you can download Startup Master 2 which supports Windows XP.

Does PC Startup Master work on Microsoft Windows 64-bit?

Due to technical limitations, PC Startup Master Free does not work on Windows 64-bit, however if you want to use PC Startup Master on Windows 64-bit, consider upgrading to PC Startup Master Pro.

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PC Startup Master v3.0.235:

- Major performance improvements.
- Major GUI enhancements with high DPI support.
- Added the ability to manage and optimize Windows services.
- Added the ability to manage and optimize Windows scheduled tasks.
- Added startup items search functionality.
- Added Feedback module to send user feedback and error reports.
- Added startup items highlighting functionality.
- Added the ability to check for updates on each startup.
- Added the ability to customize startup columns.
- Added the ability to get the running status of startup items.
- Added the functionality of saving startup items.
- Added the ability to undo the deletion of startup items in Startup Guard.
- Improved startup items sorting functions.
- Improved startup items listing by organizing them into groups.
- Improved the online search for startup items information.
- Improved startup items exporting functionality.
- Improved Startup Delayer to allow advanced customization of delayed startup items.
- Improved the adding and editing of startup items with a new GUI design.
- Improved Startup Guard notifications.
- Improved Startup Guard logging.
- Improved support for Windows 64-bit.
- Fixed several bugs in Startup Guard.
- Fixed a bug of not displaying startup items icons in Windows 64-bit.
- PC Startup Master now targets Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

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