Game Fire 5 Released

Game Fire v5 code named Golden Blenny
Game Fire v5 code named Golden Blenny

We at Smart PC Utilities are very excited to announce the release of Game Fire v5 code named Golden Blenny, a major update for the games optimization solution Game Fire.

Game Fire 5 brings dozens of new features, existing feature enhancements and bug fixes aimed to improve software usability and stability to further improve your PC gaming experience. The new release changes will be summarized in the following notes below.

1. Game Fire 5 now officially supports Microsoft Windows 10 including the 64-bit version. Also Windows XP support was dropped as Game Fire 5 uses advanced programming APIs which are not available in Windows XP.

2. The new release of Game Fire introduces a new optimization engine, which is fast, reliable and customizable. The new optimization engine can almost tweak everything in your computer including Windows services, running processes, scheduled tasks and settings stored in Windows Registry. You can also add custom components and settings to be optimized.

3. My Games feature received several improvements like the ability to edit games information, the customization of game thumbnail, the ability to import default games shipped with Microsoft Windows and improved games search and sorting.

Game Fire 5 - My Games
My Games

My Games desktop widget was also improved to be fast and reliable. It can be also launched with a hotkey configured in Game Fire settings.

Game Fire 5 - My Games widget
My Games widget

4. Improved the listing of running processes in Applications section with new tools to facilitate their management.

5. Hardware temperature detection was improved with the addition of a new option to notify you when a certain hardware temperature exceed a value you specify, that can help protect your hardware from damage due to overheat.

6. New system tweaks were added to Game Adviser in order to help you squeeze extra performance from your system.

Game Fire 5 - Game Adviser
Game Adviser

7. Live Gaming Mode feature was replaced with Live Optimization which can efficiently boost system and apps performance in real-time by automatically focusing computer resources on applications you working with or games you are playing.

Game Fire 5 - Live Optimization
Live Optimization

8. Diagnostic Report is a new feature introduced for experienced users who which to get detailed information about computer hardware and system configuration. This information can help diagnose and fix performance and reliability problems.

Game Fire 5 - Diagnostic Report
Diagnostic Report

9. Game Fire now comes with predefined gaming profiles with improved UI and organization.

Game Fire 5 - Gaming Profile
Gaming Profile

10. Game Fire UI received major updates including better support for high DPI settings and support for high screen resolutions.

11. Optimized software internal architecture for faster startup and better reliability with better error handling and reporting capabilities.

12. Fixed several bugs which prevented Game Fire from playing nice with Windows User Account Control (UAC).

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