Game Fire 3 Released

We at Smart PC Utilities are proud to announce the release of a new update for Game Fire. This major release brings many new features and enhancements that could make your PC run faster and more reliable during playing games.

One of the major changes in Game Fire 3 that it has full support for Microsoft Windows 8 including 64-bit version, taking advantage of all enhancements and new features of the operating system. Beside Windows 8 support, You will experience major performance and user interface improvements and faster switch to Gaming Mode.

Gaming Profile was greatly enhanced with new options to enable you to perform deeper system optimization, for example a new option was added to allow the export of your favorite Gaming Profiles. Windows explorer tweaking options have been added to Gaming Profile, for example you can suspend Windows sounds during Gaming Mode. With all of these enhancements, Gaming Profile still has the simple and easy to understand language you liked in Game Fire.

My Games has been moved to the main interface and received many improvements, for example Game Fire can automatically close Windows Explorer before starting games. Game Fire can monitor launched games and can restore Normal Mode automatically when the game is closed. With Game Fire 3 you can switch to Gaming Mode from games shell context menu by selecting “Run with Game Fire”.

Game Adviser was completely re-designed to give you more detailed recommendations about system, Internet and applications performance.

Applications Manager was improved with new options, like the ability to show system processes, an option to specify applications update speed, the ability to change applications processing priority and many more…

Live Gaming Mode has been greatly improved to perform automatic optimization of system memory when needed and to able to show notifications about optimized applications.


– Microsoft Windows 8.
– Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.
– Microsoft Windows Vista with Service Pack 2.
– Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3.
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.

Game Fire Download:

You can download Game Fire 3 from the link below:

Upgrade to Pro:

Upgrade to Game Fire Pro for only $9.95 instead of $19.95 and get:

+ New Releases and updates before anyone via Live Update.
+ Better support for Windows 64-bit.
+ Access and download Game Fire source code.
+ Premium support via email and live chat.
+ Ads-free offline installer for Game Fire.

Need Help?

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Thank you for using Game Fire.