3D Benchmark test using Game Fire 3

Game Fire team has performed a 3D benchmark test to determine the effect of Game Fire in optimizing computer games and the results were greatly conforming that theory. They used PeformanceTest software version 7.0.1031.0 and the 3D performance test has three stages of testing Simple, Medium and Complex. They used three identical computers running Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1, the first machine was setup with default Windows settings, the second machine has Game Fire version installed and the third one has Razor Game Booster version (one of the top games accelerating software), both software have been used with all options enabled.

The result of the 3D performance test was Game Fire 3 won the the benchmark test with 163.37 points followed by Game Booster which scored 140.71 points and finally the machine with default settings scored 114.59.

3D BenchmarkClick to enlarge the 3D test results

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