Game Fire 3 is around the corner!



In the last few months Smart PC Utilities team has put a lot of effort into the upcoming major release of Game Fire, the new update will feature a set of new and enhanced features aimed to maximize your gaming experience as much as could to allow you enjoy your favorite games without worrying about computer performance.

Game Fire 3 will feature a re-designed, sleek look, faster and more easy to use graphical interface aiming to make Game Fire ready for very beginners users as while as being suitable for advanced users who need more power and customizations.

With Game Fire 3 you will experience a faster gaming mode switch more than 50% faster than the previous version, thanks to the improved Game Fire optimization engine which is more faster and reliable than before.

The Gaming Profile has been improved by addition of new options to customize your gaming experience like the ability to suspend system sounds and alerts during gaming and by also improving the existing profile settings. To make it easier to understand Gaming Profile settings, we introduced a full descriptive super tooltips for each option.

The existing modules also have been improved. Applications module now shows apps and processes CPU usage. Files Defragment is more reliable and faster. A new set of advanced options has been added in Game Fire settings  to allow controlling of the behavior of Game Fire.

Game Fire 3 offers a new set of hot features like Hardware Diagnostics module that could identify problems and make recommendations about your hardware configurations. The ability to automatically turn on/off gaming mode when launching your games directly form Windows explorer. Virtual Desktop feature allows creation of multiple desktops, this could improve your experience and productivity and many more…

Game Fire will be full compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 and to make sure that you have the best support in the world :), Game Fire Pro will introduce a new a Feedback module that enable Game Fire Pro users to send suggestions, problems or any questions directly to our team and also to have a live support.
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