Game Fire code name: Raccoon

Moments ago, Game Fire development team has confirmed that Game Fire v1.0 build 28 will be released as Game Fire beta 2 after being tested by Quality Assurance team. Game Fire beta 2 codename Raccoon will provide full games and Windows applications accelerating capabilities by getting rid of unneeded Windows functions, services and processes and by defraging files you are using frequently.

Raccoon will provide a more customizable gaming experience by enabling users to add custom Windows services, processes and to ignore certain software from being showed in Running Processes section, and many of Game Fire settings are exposed to enable advanced users to control the way Game Fire works.

Game Fire developers worked hard to invent a technique that enable Raccoon to optimize running applications and games in the real time, which many of Games Accelerating software are unable to do, and they came up with Live Gaming Mode, a promising way for boosting your computing experience by automatically optimize PC performance when needed by defraging system memory, improving system response rate and increasing applications start-up speed.

For example, if you are currently surfing the Internet using your Web browser, Game Fire will automatically give your Web browser more processing priority to enable you surf the Internet fast and enjoy videos on YouTube more smoothly, when you leave your Web browser to another application Game Fire will automatically restore the normal processing priority of your Web browser. Live Gaming Mode is still in development stage, so it will be disabled by default in Game Fire beta 2.

The development team are working around Game Fire documentations promising us that Raccoon will come with completed documentation, as you may know the former release of Game Fire came with uncompleted documentation.

Game Fire will come preloaded with many third party Windows services, that can be safely turned off to improve system performance with ability to add more Windows services.

Game Fire code name Raccoon screenshots:

Download Game Fire beta 1 from Smart PC Utilities website:

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