PC Startup Master v4.0 – Optimize Windows Startup Speed and Improve Security

PC Startup Master - Manage Windows Startup to Boost the Computer's Startup Speed and Improve Security

We at Smart PC Utilities are excited to announce the release of PC Startup Master v4.0, a new major update for our Windows startup manager and optimizer solution, which you can use to improve your computer’s startup speed and security by allowing you to take control of apps that run automatically at Windows startup. The new version brings several improvements and bug fixes, including a new user interface design. Additionally, we have rebuilt some of the software modules from the ground up.

In this blog post, we will highlight the new features, improvements, and bug fixes of PC Startup Master, version 4.0.880. If you are interested in seeing a comprehensive list of changes, please visit the PC Startup Master release notes page.

What is New in the Windows Startup Manager and Optimizer, PC Startup Master v4.0:

User Interface

  • We have completely rebuilt the PC Startup Master’s user interface to improve the user experience. The Flat UI framework has enabled us to add support for dark mode and the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Moreover, we have also included support for UI accent colors – and we plan to introduce more colors in future releases.
  • The Details pane was improved to display more details about selected startup programs. Moreover, users can now use the Details pane to toggle startup items on/off.
  • Users can now switch between startup locations directly from the main UI instead of using options in the Settings window.

Startup Guard

Startup Guard is a security feature of PC Startup Master that can monitor the system’s startup configurations and alert you when it detects any changes. Moreover, it can undo some of these changes. This feature helps improve your computer’s security by preventing unsafe programs and malware from gaining persistence on your system.

With the latest version of PC Startup Master (v4), we have completely rebuilt the Startup Guard from scratch. Now, it not only monitors startup programs but also keeps an eye on Windows services and scheduled tasks to detect any changes.

We have also improved the Startup Guard notifications to display more details about new or changed startup items.


  • Additional startup locations are now supported so that users can have greater control over the system startup process.
  • Users can now verify the digital signature of startup programs. Additionally, you can configure PC Startup Master to perform the digital signature verification automatically. However, enabling this feature may increase the loading time of startup items.
  • We have improved the Delayed Startup to make it more reliable.
  • Added support for Windows 10 and 11 by implementing the same logic used by those OS versions to manage startup programs.
  • Added an option to automatically check for and install new updates of PC Startup Master in the background.
  • PC Startup Master now includes Debug Mode, which logs errors and diagnostic information to aid our support team in investigating and fixing issues.
  • PC Startup Master now loads and lists Windows services and scheduled tasks faster, thanks to several performance improvements introduced in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a UAC compatibility issue that prevented PC Startup Master from running at Windows startup.

Download the Windows Startup Manager and Optimizer, PC Startup Master v4.0.880

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