PC Services Optimizer 3.2 Released

We at Smart PC Utilities are very excited to announce the release of a new update for PC Services Optimizer, our Windows services management, and optimization solution. The new update brings various new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that will help you optimize more Windows services to make your computer run faster and more secure.

What is new in PC Services Optimizer v3.2

German Language

We have added German localization to PC Services Optimizer. We will continue to support more languages in our software products.

New Windows 10 Optimizations

PC Services Optimizer - Optimize Windows Services with Manual TuneUp

The new release has added support for the optimizing of many of Windows 10 services like the Maps, Geo-location, Xbox, and Infrared services.

We have also improved the optimizing of the unstoppable Windows Update services on Windows 10.

Services Manager

PC Services Optimizer - Manage and Optimize Windows Services with Services Manager

We have improved the sorting and management of Windows services including third-party services in the Services Manager.

Improved Updates

PC Services Optimizer - Live Update

The Pro edition brings a new download engine that will allow downloading of new updates as fast as possible. We have also added a new option to allow users to skip certain updates.

Windows Defender Detection

PC Services Optimizer - Windows Defender Detection

Windows Defender is a great app to protect your computer from emerging treaties, however, it may interfere with the ability of PC Services Optimizer to correctly configure and optimize Windows services. Therefore we have added a module to detect Windows Defender and to offer to exclude app files from Windows Defender`s protection.

Other Changes

  • Added the ability to automatically upgrade preferences from previous versions.
  • Added the ability to automatically fix issues related to corrupted config files.
  • Removed Windows Defender services optimization.
  • Improved and fixed bugs in the License Manager.
  • Improved services optimization logic.
  • Fixed an issue in TLS 1.2 connections.

More information about PC Services Optimizer:

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