PC Services Optimizer v3 Released

PC Services Optimizer

We at Smart PC Utilities are very excited to announce the release of a major update for our Windows services optimization solution, PC Services Optimizer.

In this fresh release, improvements have been introduced in the core code and user interface of PC Services Optimizer. This major update aimed to improve services optimization and software compatibility with different versions of Microsoft Windows.

A list of changes can be found in the change log below.

PC Services Optimizer v3.0 build 842:

1. PC Services Optimizer now targets Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2, allowing it to take full advantage of improved performance and reliability offered by new technologies of Microsoft .NET.

2. Microsoft Windows 10 support has been added to PC Services Optimizer 3 to allow the optimization of Windows 10 services.

3. PC Services Optimizer 3 now supports localization, this means it can be easily translated to various languages.

4. Feedback module has been added to PC Services Optimizer, to allow you to easily send your feedback and error reports to Smart PC Utilities.

5. PC Services Optimizer 3 brings new modern dark UI with new graphic elements and help panes.

6. Services management in Services Manager has been improved by adding services search functionality, adding the ability to manage multiple services at the same time and introducing several tools to manage services.

7. Gaming Mode has been enhanced by improving optimization engine and adding Gaming Mode log.

8. Manual TuneUp has been improved by adding new service tweaks and improving services listing.

9. Service Diagnostics and services tuneup report have been improved.

10. Improved support for Windows 64-bit versions.

11. Improved documentation with online help and discussions.

12. PC Services Optimizer update has been improved with new UI and automatic validation and installation of updates.

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PC Services Optimizer is a system tweaking solution that enables you to optimize Windows service configurations in an easy, automatic and safe way based on the way you use your computer.