Improve PC Gaming Performance in 3 Steps

Boost PC Games Performance in 3 Steps

In the following three easy steps, I will show you how to enhance Windows performance and how to take full advantage of your computer hardware in order to enjoy playing modern PC games with best speed and reliability.

1. Optimize Windows Services

Disable unneeded Windows services to gain an immediate performance boost, as having many of unneeded services running in the background consumes a lot of computer resources. You can optimize Windows services using system built-in tool services.msc or you can use a more advanced software like PC Services Optimizer and XP Services Optimizer, which can optimize windows services easily and safely without the need to have any technical knowledge or affecting normal PC function.

2. Running Applications

Close unneeded applications to free up computer memory and save CPU power, you can use Windows Task Manager to do the job or you can use Game Fire‘s Applications Manager which is able to automatically detect unneeded applications and can automatically restore closed apps after you finish gaming.

3. Disk Defragment

Disk defragment greatly helps improve the startup speed of apps and games by reducing the amount of fragmentation in the File System, by physically organizing the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file close together and contiguously, this reduces the time it takes to load programs and open files. You can use the default system tool Disk Defragmenter , however it will take some time to finish as it defragments the whole disk or you can use Games Defragment tool in Game Fire which is very fast as it only defragments the selected games files.


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