Can Disk Defragment Speedup PC Games

Game Fire - Disk Defragment

Most hard disks have spinning platters, with data stored in different places around that platter. When your computer writes data to your drive, it does so in “blocks”. Fragmentation happens when those files get split between blocks that are far away from each other.

Fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work that can slow down your computer. The hard drive then takes longer time to read files because the read head has to “visit” multiple spots on the spinning platter.

Disk Defragment puts those blocks back in sequential order, so your drive head doesn’t have to run around the entire platter to read a single file, this will result in improvement of the startup speed of programs and files and your disks and drives can work more efficiently.

The open source software Game Fire provides a small utility to defrag disk files in order to enhance games and programs startup speed. The advantage of using Game Fire is that you can defrag certain folders that contain your games and programs files without the need to defrag the entire disk drive that could take some time to complete.

To defrag files with Game Fire, Launch Game Fire and go to Games Defragment section. Browse the folder that contains game or program files you want to defrag and click Defrag Game button.

Game Fire - Games Defragment
Games Defragment

There some options that can customize Games Defragment process found in Game Fire Settings under Advanced Settings tab.

Game Fire  - Games Defragment Settings
Games Defragment Settings

Enable quick Games Defragment process:
Games Defragment will perform a quick defragment process of the selected game by skipping the analyzing of game files, this will speed up the defragment process, however Game Fire will not be able to show the defragment process progress.

Show report about defragment process:
Game Fire will show a report about files defragment process like number of file processed and fragmentation per file.

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Game Fire is an open source games accelerating software, that enables you to enjoy a smoother and more pleasant gaming experience with a touch of button by optimizing your computer for peak performance level.