New features of the upcoming Game Fire 4

Game Fire 4

In the following notes, you will get a summery about new features and enhancements introduced in the upcoming version of Game Fire which aims to improve software reliability and usability.

1. Gaming Mode Refresh: A new feature introduced in Game Fire 4 that enables you to re-boost your computer performance without the need to restart Gaming Mode as some of unneeded Windows services and applications are starting automatically during using the computer.

2. Game Fire 4 provides information about computer hardware such as CPU, Graphics card and hard disk temperatures in order to give you more details about system performance and reliability.

3. My Games feature received many enhancements like the ability to search for specific games by name, the ability to add games using drag & drop operations and the ability to pin favorite games into Windows Taskbar and Start Menu using Game Fire.

4. Applications Manager also got some improvements like the ability to set the affinity of selected processes, terminating multiple processes at once besides an improved performance.

5. Games Defragment has been greatly improved, for example you will be able to view reports about files defragment process like number of files processed and defragmented and fragmentation per file.

6. Game Adviser receives more tweaks concerning system visual effects.

7. Added an option to specify the hotkey used to toggle Gaming Mode on/off.

8. Added the ability to log Gaming Mode operation in order to provide in-depth information about changed system settings, this will greatly help you diagnose any problems during switching to Gaming Mode.

9. Live Gaming Mode was improved with applications exceptions and Live Gaming Mode log.

10. Improved Gaming Mode core engine which became faster and more reliable than ever.

11. Added the ability to optimize third party applications and services.

12. Fixed several bugs affecting Game Fire on Windows 64 bit.

13. Major UI improvements with support for high DPI settings.


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Game Fire is an open source games accelerating software, that enables you to enjoy a smoother and more pleasant gaming experience with a touch of button by optimizing your computer for peak performance level.