How could Game Fire enhance PC gaming performance

Game Fire - Boost PC Games Performance

Many of Windows users are interested in playing games especially modern PC games that come with impressive graphics and demand powerful computing resources in order to provide a smoother and more pleasant gaming experience without any slowing down.

Most of nowadays computers feature powerful hardware configuration like multi-core processors and large amount of system memory, however PCs are not be able to provide the gaming experience the user deserve from that hardware due to software misconfiguration that prevents PCs from fully utilizing the hardware platform.

Windows operating system for example provides many features and services that enable users to do various tasks and to provide a great user experience like printing services, rich visual experience, system updating services and etc.. But the question is do the user needs those features during gaming? Having those services running consumes a lot of PC processing power and system memory’s available space that should be fully utilized to run games with best performance and reliability instead of running those unneeded features.

Smart PC Utilities provides Game Fire an open source software solution that helps configure the system in order to take full advantage of PC hardware platform and to get rid of unneeded system’s features to enable Windows users to enjoy a smoother gaming experience with a touch of button.

Game Fire works by turning off unneeded system’s services that consume much of computing resources, freeing up system memory from unwanted applications, optimizing Windows tasks, closing unneeded programs, optimizing games’ files stored on the disk to speed up loading and running of games and by applying several system tweaks.

Beside improving system performance, Game Fire enhances users gaming experience by enabling users to organize and manage their favorite games whatever local or online in one centralized place, where they can manage, launch and search cheats for their games.

Game Fire has a compact, simple and customizable user interface that enables user to do much with less steps, making Game Fire not only suitable for beginners who have no or little technical knowledge but also for advanced users as well. Game Fire is very safe tweaking software, no overclocking is done to PC hardware and all changes made by Game Fire to system settings are temporary.

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