Game Fire beta 2 features

After the good impression about Game Fire beta 1 from many websites, blogs and users, We are ready to release Game Fire beta 2. Game Fire beta 2 will bring full games acceleration capabilities to your computer, through new and enhanced features.
First, let us take a look at the most interesting feature in Game Fire beta 2 which is Live Gaming Mode. This new feature will boost your PC performance in real time even after closing Game Fire main application, it works behind the scenes defraging system memory and increasing running applications response by automatically allocating and de-allocating processing priority to your games and programs.
Live Gaming Mode will bring full acceleration to your games, however this new feature will be turned off by default as it still in beta development stage.
Game Fire will be more customizable, you can configure various aspects of the application, for example you can add custom Windows services or processes to your Gaming Profile, you can exclude some background processes from being showed in Running Processes section according to certain software vendors and you can adjust advanced Game Fire settings.
We have linked some popular Windows built-in tools from Game Fire like in Vista Services Optimizer, you could use those Windows tools to improve your computer performance like MSconfg, Visual effects settings, Power Options and Game Controllers.
Game Fire beta 2 will be able to detect and optimize many third party Windows services and background processes with the ability to expand the functionality with more services and processes.
Download Game Fire beta 1 from Smart PC Utilities website:

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