Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 released

We are happy to announce the availability of the new version of the open source software Vista Services Optimizer. This version comes with massive enhancements targeting application performance, usability and flexibility, with improved Services Snapshots, Windows Services Manager, Gaming Mode profile and improved Services Profiles management, Vista Services Optimizer becomes the most powerful open source Windows services manager and optimizer.
Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 is safer than the previous versions, because Services Diagnostics and Automatic TuneUp features will never set any Windows service to Disabled start-up, however unneeded Windows services will be set to Manual tuneup, this will optimize unneeded Windows services besides will allow those services to be started normally when needed by Windows applications.
Gaming Mode profile can save your Gaming Mode settings, saving you a lot of time as you can switch to Gaming Mode with one touch without specifying which Windows services to be turned off each time to turn on Gaming Mode.
Services Manager is an advanced built-in tool that enables advanced users to perform advanced function on all installed Windows services including third party services. for example you can start, stop, delete and specify the start-up type of a selected service. Services Manager also provides detailed information about Windows services like service’s description, dependencies and company.
Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 has better managment for Services Profiles and Services Snapshots, making previwing, applying and managing of stored services profiles and services snapshots an easy task.
Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 comes with an improved version of Services Snapshots, which can not only backup Windows services but also can backup all third party services.
The user interface (UI) has been redesigned to provide maximum flexibility and usability. Through the Home Window you can preview simple system information like CPU and memory information, Get system usage information, access and modify common Vista Services Optimizer settings and get useful tips about Vista Services Optimizer functions.
Download Vista Services Optimizer