Is Vista Services Optimizer really tweak Windows?

Vista Services Optimizer is an open source Windows optimization utility that could squeeze extra performance out from your system by fine tuneup your Windows services according to the way you use your computer for better performance and security. By using Vista Services Optimizer, you will have a better and safer user experience.
Vista Services Optimizer development team had made a system benchmark test using PassMark Performance Test V7.0, they performed 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics and CPU benchmark tests on two PCs running Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 with all updates installed, one of them is tweaked by Vista Services Optimizer v1.3 and the other has default Windows services settings.
The PC which is tweaked by Vista Services Optimizer showed high marks than the other PC specially in 2D and 3D Graphics benchmark tests, indicating that Vista Services Optimizer is having a great impact on system performance specially on the user gaming experience, enabling you to enjoy your modern and resources hungry PC games without getting worried about system performance.

Benchmark results from Flickr
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