Game Fire 3.1 to bring critical bug fixes

Game Fire
With the aim of improving reliability and usability of the FREE open source Game Fire, we at Smart PC Utilities are planning to launch Game Fire 3.1 at the end of June. This main goal of the upcoming release is to fix critical bugs reported in Game Fire 3 which believed to prevent some users from configuring Gaming Profile and thus prevent them to use Gaming Mode.

My Games feature will also receive some attention in the new update as it will be improved to facilitate management of games, for example a Sort option will be added to enable users to sort the games according to name and usage. A new ability to launch games with command line parameters has been added.

Game Defragment will get minor improvements, for example Game Fire will allow Games Defragment to run in separate thread allowing users to perform files defragment while continue to use other Game Fire features.

This planned update will be available first for Game Fire Pro users via Live Update and then will be available for Game Fire Free from our website.

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