Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 drops in 2010

Vista Services Optimizer 1.2 introduced many of new and improved features like Services Snapshots, Gaming Mode and enhanced Services Profiles. It showed high stability and reliability with good support to the new Microsoft OS (Windows 7).We are planning for Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 which is expected to drop early in 2010, introducing more enhancements to all aspects of Vista Services Optimizer for more flexibility and usability. Many of this improvements are based on users’ feedback.

GUI Improvements:
  • Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 will have an improved UI enabling beginners to do more things with less steps and in the same time gives experienced people more power and flexibility.
  • The Quick Control pane will enable you to use/access the common Vista Services features from anywhere on your computer without the need to run Vista Services Optimizer like turning Gaming Mode ON/OFF, performing an Automatic TuneUp or switching between your favorite Services Profiles.
 Dozens of Improvements: 
  • Services Snapshots created by Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 will support restoring default settings of third party Windows services.
  • Gaming Mode will offer an extra speed to your system while playing modern PC games through other optimization methods rather than optimizing Windows services only, this will result in a smoother gaming experience.
  • Services Diagnostics will be able to fix a wide range of Windows services incompatibility problems. Vista Services Optimizer will be able to run Services Diagnostics test automatically in the background and notifies the user when an incompatibility problem is found. 
  • VSO 1.3 will be able to optimize more Windows services for better performance and security. It will be able to create more customized user profile with less questions.  
  •  Vista Services Optimizer 1.3 can check for and download new updates silently in the background if you enable Automatic Updates option.
  •  Reports exported by Services Diagnostics, Automatic TuneUp and Manual TuneUp will be in XML format.
GO More Professional:
  •  The “Services Manager” will be a new feature introduced by VSO 1.3, it’s intended for advanced people who need more control over Windows services. Services Manager will enable you to control all installed Windows services like “services.msc”, with more features and tools.

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