Sales & Licensing FAQ

Software Purchase

Is it safe to purchase products via your website?

Yes, your order will be processed by our e-commerce partner 2Checkout which uses the highest security standards and all transactions will be secured by strong SSL encryption to ensure data protection and integrity of your private information.

For more information, see the website online security.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our partner 2Checkout accepts major credit cards and payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Bank / Wire transfer, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and PayPal in addition to some local methods such as Boleto Bancario, Konbini, iDEAL, and WeChat Pay.

For a complete list of the supported payment methods in your country, see 2Checkout global payments.

What is your refund policy?

To ensure all customers have enough time to evaluate whether the purchased product or service meets their needs, Smart PC Utilities offers an unconditional 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

You can ask for a refund using your 2CO myAccount or by sending a request to our support team.

For more information, see our Refund Policy.

Will I pay VAT or any other taxes?

No, there would no VAT or any other form of taxes added to the price you will pay to purchase the our product(s).

How long is the service time of the product license?

The default service time of a purchased product license is ONE YEAR, and it starts from the date the product license is purchased. To continue to use the product, you will need to renew your license subscription.

How many computers does a license code cover?

A single license code can only support one computer; however, you can purchase multiple licenses to support more than one computer and take advantage of our volume discounts.


Do I need to register the purchased product?

Yes, you need to manually register the purchased product using the license code sent in the order confirmation email before you can use the software product.

How would my order appear in the bank statement?

Your order placed on our website via 2Checkout will show up in your bank statement as*smartpcutiliti.

I did not receive my license code, What to do?

Please try to recover your license code using this form.

If you still do not receive it, the reasons might be:

  1. You provided an invalid email address when you ordered the product.
  2. Your order is unfinished.

Please contact us and we will help you recover your license code.

Why do I get "Invalid license key (error code -9)" error?

The reasons might be:

  1. You entered a wrong license code. Please COPY & PASTE your license code to avoid any typos.
  2. You are using the wrong license code to register the purchased product.

If you still get this error, please contact us to help you resolve this issue.

Why do I get "License key does not match this computer (error code -12)" error?

The reasons might be:

  1. You changed your computer hardware or in some rare cases made a format and re-installed Windows; this would change the computer ID associated with your license. To resolve this issue, clear the computer ID associated with the product license.
  2. The license code was used before to register the product on a computer that is different from the computer you are trying to activate the product on. Please be informed that a single license code only supports one computer; if you wish to use the product on multiple computers you may consider buying additional licenses for a discount price.
I have upgraded my computer`s hardware and the product stopped working, what should I do?

To defend against software piracy and prevent unauthorized use of our software products, our licensing system uses specific computer data to identify it; this information includes installed hardware. When you change or upgrade one or more of your computer`s hardware, the product may cease to work as the license become invalid due to changes in your computer`s ID.

To resolve this situation; please reset your license information to clear the computer ID associated with your license.

Why do I get "Invalid username (error code -7)" error?

You will get this error when you try to re-activate the product license using a username that is different from the name you used to register the product for the first time.

To resolve this issue, use the Recover Username form to help you retrieve the license username information.

I lost my license code, how can I recover it?

Please use this form to recover your license code by providing the email address you used to register the product license.

The product download link has expired. What should I do?

Please use the Recover Download form to request a new download link to download the purchased product.

How can I get the invoice of my order?

Please login to myAccount on 2Checkout with the email address you used to purchase the product. Under the myAccount tab, you will see the Invoice BV link for each order. You can click the link to download the Invoice.

Note: Invoice is not available instantly, it may take up to 24 hours to be generated after the order is finished.

Can I transfer my license from the current computer to another one?

Yes, you can transfer your product license to a new computer as long as your license subscription is active. Please use the Transfer License form to transfer your license to the new computer.

How do I renew my license?

You may consider renewing your license subscription of the purchased product so that you can continue to use the software.

We always provide renewal discounts to our customers. You can renew your license subscription using the Renew License form. After renewing the license subscription, your product license will be extended for another 12 months, and you will keep your current license code.

Will I get notified before automatic renewals?

Yes, you will be notified via email before the upcoming license renewals, either automatic or manual. You have full control over your license renewal settings, and you can stop automatic renewals at any time.

How to disable license automatic renewal?

If you purchased a product license and enabled automatic renewal, you will be informed at least seven days before it expires about the date of the upcoming charge and the amount you will be charged.

You can stop automatic renewals anytime by accessing the My Products section of your 2CO myAccount and clicking the "Stop automatic license renewal" link beneath each product with this option enabled.