Clipboard User Service (cbdhsvc)Clipboard User Service (cbdhsvc)

Registry Name


Display Name

Clipboard User Service


Manages clipboard operations on a per-user basis.

For more information, see the Additional Information section.

Default Status


Default Startup Type

Automatic (Delayed Start)

Image Path

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k ClipboardSvcGroup -p

DLL File Path



The service depends on the following system components to function properly:
  • None
System components that depend on this service to function properly:
  • None

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Additional Information

Clipboard User Service (cbdhsvc) is responsible for managing the clipboard history and syncing the clipboard data across devices. This means that each user on the computer has their own copy of the clipboard, and the Clipboard User Service ensures that the clipboard is synchronized between users.

You can disable the cbdhsvc service unless you are using the clipboard service to copy and paste data between users.