Windows Camera Frame Server Monitor (FrameServerMonitor)Windows Camera Frame Server Monitor (FrameServerMonitor)

Registry Name


Display Name

Windows Camera Frame Server Monitor


Monitors the health and state for the Windows Camera Frame Server service.

For more information, see the Additional Information section.

Default Status


Default Startup Type

Manual (Trigger Start)

Image Path

C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k CameraMonitor

DLL File Path



The service depends on the following system components to function properly: System components that depend on this service to function properly:
  • None

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Additional Information

FrameServerMonitor is responsible for providing video capture and streaming capabilities to applications on Windows such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Camera app. If you are not using any applications that require video capture or streaming, you can disable the FrameServerMonitor service to free up system resources.