DevQuery Background Discovery Broker (DevQueryBroker)DevQuery Background Discovery Broker (DevQueryBroker)

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DevQuery Background Discovery Broker


Enables apps to discover devices with a backgroud task.

For more information, see the Additional Information section.

Default Status


Default Startup Type

Manual (Trigger Start)

Image Path

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted -p

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The service depends on the following system components to function properly:
  • None
System components that depend on this service to function properly:
  • None

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Additional Information

The Background Discovery Broker is a relatively new service, introduced in Windows 10 version 1903, and its purpose is to make it easier for apps to find and connect to devices, such as Bluetooth devices, printers, and scanners.

The DevQueryBroker service works by running a background task that periodically scans for devices. When it finds a new device, it sends a notification to all apps that have registered for device discovery events. This allows apps to quickly discover new devices without having to continuously scan for them themselves.

If you are having problems with an app that is trying to discover a device, you can try restarting the DevQueryBroker service.