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Live Optimization

Game Fire - Live Optimization Settings
Live Optimization is a Game Fire feature that enables it to boost your computer's performance and reliability in real time. It works by detecting game and app processes and increasing their processing priority, ensuring that your games and apps will have a high-priority access to all available system resources; this will give them an immediate performance boost. Additionally, Live Optimization can detect unnecessary background processes not required by games or apps you are using and restricts their access to computer resources, preventing them from consuming available resources to help improve your computer's reliability and responsiveness.
Live Optimization feature is part of Game Mode; you can enable it by selecting Boost games performance in real-time option in the Game Mode window. When you turn on Game Mode, Game Fire will activate the Live Optimization feature and show the notification below.
Game Fire - Live Optimization Activated
You can change Live Optimization configuration using the options in Game Fire Settings.
Optimize apps and games performance in real time
Live Optimization will boost the processing priority of games and apps you use. It will restore the default priority when you switch away from that app.
Deprioritize unnecessary apps and processes
Live Optimization will deprioritize the processing priority of unnecessary background processes to prevent them from consuming system resources; this will help boost the performance of your games and apps by allowing them to utilize all available computer resources.
Optimize apps memory usage
Live Optimization will automatically reclaim memory from unnecessary processes in order to make more system memory available for games and apps you use.
Enable Live Optimization log
Enable the logging of all Live Optimization activities.
When Live Optimization boosts an app or optimizes a background process, it will display a notification similar to the one below.
Game Fire - Live Optimization Optimized App
You can customize Live Optimization notifications by going to Game Fire Settings > Notifications > Live Optimization Notifications
You can manually activate and deactivate Live Optimization by right-clicking on the Game Fire icon in the system tray and selecting Activate Live Optimization.

Live Optimization Log
Game Fire - Live Optimization log
In the Live Optimization Log, you can get information about changes made by Live Optimization to the running apps and processes. You can access the Live Optimization Log by right-clicking on the Game Fire icon in the system tray and selecting Live Optimization Log.
Remove all activity records displayed in the Live Optimization Log.
Export Live Optimization log into an HTML file.
Context Menu
Open Location
Open the location where the selected process's executable file is located.
Search Online
Search the web for information about the selected process.
Exclude Process
Exclude the selected process from being optimized or changed by Live Optimization.
You can manage Live Optimization exclusions by going to Game Fire Settings > Live Optimization > Exclude processes and apps from Live Optimization.
End Process
Terminate the selected process.
End Process Tree
Terminate the selected process tree.

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