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Game Fire - Game Mode Configuration
The Game Mode window contains all options and configurations that will determine how Game Fire would optimize your computer and which features and services to suspend when Game Mode is activated.
System Features
Lists options that would determine which system features Game Fire will suspend/turn off when you turn on Game Mode. Each option comes with a tooltip explaining how Game Fire will apply the selected option.
You can use the Select All option to select all the optimization options. However, it is not recommended to do so as you need to review every option carefully before selecting it.
Lists tweaks that Game Fire can apply to help boost your computer's performance such as freeing up system memory, switching to the Game Mode power plan, suspending Windows Update, and other tweaks.
Within the Apps tab, Game Fire displays a list of the currently running apps along with their active components such as their processes, services, and scheduled tasks. By default, Game Fire won't show system and security apps, and only apps and components that can be safely suspended during gaming are showcased. You have the choice to either suspend an entire app along with all of its components or selectively optimize specific app components. Along with the names of apps and components, Game Fire also provides insight into CPU and memory usage, as well as the impact each component has on the system performance, aiding you in identifying which apps could potentially harm your gaming experience.
Game Fire also lists individual processes that it was unable to associate with any installed app.
To hide an app or component from the Game Mode window, select that app or component, right-click, and select Exclude; this will add the selected component to the exclusions list so that Game Fire will neither display nor optimize it.
To open the location where the app or component is stored, select that app or component, right-click, and select Open Location.
To speed up the retrieval of installed apps and components, Game Fire caches components information so that the software can instantly load them the next time you open the Game Mode window. However, you may need to rebuild the apps cache by clicking the Rebuild the Apps Cache option in case you have installed new programs and you want Game Fire to display them along with their active components.
Lists apps and third-party Windows services that Game Fire could not associate with any installed app.
Scheduled Tasks
Lists apps and third-party scheduled tasks that Game Fire could not associate with any installed app.
By using the options in the drop-down menu of the Customize button, you can manually add additional processes, services, and scheduled tasks to your Game Mode configuration, or exclude specific processes and services from Game Mode.
Game Fire - Customize Game Mode

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