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Microsoft Windows 11 Support  New
Optimize and Manage all Your Games from a Single UI  Improved
Basic System Tweaking and Performance Optimization
Boost Games and Applications Performance in Real-time  Improved
Automatic Performance Boost when Launching Games  Improved
Optimize Windows Visual Effects on the Fly  New
Prevent Background Processes from Consuming System Resources
TuneUp System Settings to Eliminate Lags and Interruptions  Improved
Optimize Internet and Network Performance
Defrag Hard Drive to Boost Games Performance
Tweak All Resource-Consuming Processes, Services, and Scheduled Tasks  Improved
Automatic RAM Optimization to SpeedUp Games and Applications
Game Mode Power Plan for Maximum Performance and Reliability
Monitor System Health and Performance in Real-time  Improved
Get Detailed Information about System and Hardware Configurations
Automatic Update to the Latest Version
24/7 Premium Support
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Why Choose Game Fire PRO?

Real-Time Game Booster

Boost your computer's performance in real time so that games and apps can utilize all available system resources.

System Optimizer

Tweak all system and Internet settings to achieve a stable and less interrupted gaming experience.

All-in-One Optimizer

Optimize all apps, processes, Windows services, and scheduled tasks from a single UI.

Automatic Updates

Automatically receive new updates that bring additional optimizations, improvements, and bug fixes.

Media Review

Game Fire award

Transform your computer into a gaming station with multiple configuration possibilities

  The bottom line is that Game Fire is a great tool that can come in handy especially if you spend a lot of time playing video games. Less experienced users should not have any troubles while installing and customizing this program, thanks to its intuitive layout.  

Technical Details

  • Version: 7.2.4901
  • Release Date: 02/24/2024
  • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 11/10/8.1/7
  • Supported Languages: English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese
  • Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
  • MD5: 1b47c179500f41f7328a80f186a38259

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