Company FAQ

What is the mission of Smart PC Utilities?

Established in 2008, Smart PC Utilities is a professional software developer that specializes in creating innovative, powerful, and affordable system utility and security software. Our software is compact, well designed, and highly acclaimed by the top software portals and editors.

Smart PC Utilities strives to provide computer users with high-performance and secure products that allow them to Optimize, Secure and Customize their computers easily and safely.

For further information, please refer to About Smart PC Utilities

Where can I obtain information about new products and services?

You can get information about new software and service releases from our Blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, or by subscribing to our software newsletter.

How can I contribute to the dissemination of Smart PC Utilities products?

We permit and encourage all websites, magazines, CD-ROM vendors, and end-users to distribute Smart PC Utilities products including Freeware, open-source, and shareware.

We can provide you with logos, screenshots, and banners for Web publishing. You can also assist in the dissemination of our products by writing articles, tutorials, guides, and HOWTOs.

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How does Smart PC Utilities protect my privacy?

Smart PC Utilities takes the security of your data very seriously and strictly adheres to data protection laws. Personal data is only collected on this website to the extent necessary for technical reasons. Under no circumstances will the collected data be sold or disclosed to third parties for any other reason.

For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy

I did not find the answer I was looking for, what to do?

If you don't see the answer to your question here, please contact us and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

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