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License Management

In order to use PC Services Optimizer Professional edition, you should purchase a license from Smart PC Utilities Store and activate it on the computer you want to use the software on.
To activate your PC Services Optimizer Pro license, launch the application, a dialog box of PC Services Optimizer license manager appears asking to enter your name, email address, and license key that was provided to you after successfully purchasing the software.
Enter your name in the Name field, your email address in the Email field, and the 24 characters code in the License Key field and click the Activate Now button.
 A working Internet connection is required to verify your license information and to generate the license file on your computer.
 You can use Copy from Clipboard buttons with icon to copy name, email address, and license key information to avoid any typos.
If license activation completed successfully, A message box appears informing you that PC Services Optimizer Pro was successfully activated and by clicking the OK button the application will be restarted so that new changes could take effect.
 If you have not received or lost your license key, click on I lost my license key link and we will help you restore it.
 Read PC Services Optimizer FAQ for troubleshooting information for many of licensing issues.
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