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My Games

Game Fire - My Games
My Games feature enables you to organize, manage, and optimize all of your favorite games, whether they are local or web-based. This feature is compatible with popular gaming platforms such as Steam and Ubisoft Connect. To access your games collection, you can use either the Game Fire main interface or the My Games desktop widget.
Search for Games
Game Fire will search your computer for installed games so that you can add them to your games collection in My Games. (see Game Scanner below)
Add Game
Manually add a local or web-based game to your games collection. (see Add Game below)
Launch the selected game.
By default, Game Fire will activate Game Mode before launching games.
Edit the selected game information, e.g., title, cover art, and description.
You can not edit all game information of games imported from Steam, Ubisoft Connect, and Epic Games.
Change the way games are displayed in the My Games interface.
Show Hidden Games
Toggle the display of hidden games.
Refresh Games
Refresh games listing.
Clear Games Cache
Clears and rebuilds the game cache of Steam, Epic Games, and Ubisoft Connect games; this may help fix issues like duplicate game titles and games not being displayed correctly.
Open My Games settings. (see Game Fire Settings)

My Games Context Menu
Launch the selected game.
Open Location
Open the location where the selected game's executable file is stored.
Change Cover Art
Change the selected game cover art.
Edit Game Details
Edit the selected game information, e.g., title, cover art, and description.
Create Shortcut
Create a shortcut for the selected game.
Defrag Game Files
Defrag the files of the selected game to help improve the game startup and loading performance. (see Game Defragment)
 DO NOT defrag game files stored on solid-state drives (SSD) because it may reduce the drive lifespan.
Search Game Information
Use the website specified in My Games settings to search for information about the selected game.
You can change the website used to search game information by going to Settings > My Games > Game information website.
Hide/Unhide the selected game.
Use this option to hide games that can not be removed from My Games.
Remove the selected game from your games collection.
This option won't delete/uninstall the selected game.
Game Information
Display the Game Information dialog box that provides additional game information.
Launcher Properties
Open the File Properties dialog box of the selected game's executable file.


Game Scanner

Game Fire - Game Scanner
Game Fire has a feature that allows you to easily add your installed games to your games collection in My Games without the need to manually add them one by one. It uses a built-in database to search your computer for installed games. You can customize the locations where Game Fire searches for installed games from Game Fire Settings > My Games > Game Scanner.
To scan your computer for games, click the Search for Games button located in the upper right corner of the My Games section. The scanning process may take some time depending on the specified locations.
Once Game Fire has found matching games, it will display the Select Games dialog box where you can choose which games to add to your collection.


Add Game

Game Fire -  Add/Edit Game
Use this dialog to add new games to your games collection or edit the information of a game already added to My Games.
Game Info
Launcher path/URL
Specify the path of the game's executable file if it is a local game. If it is a web-based game, please specify the URL.
Launch Parameters
Specify arguments to pass to the game's executable when Game Fire launches the game. (optional)
The game title.
The game description; this helps locate games using the search functionality. (optional)
Specify the game genre; this helps group and organize similar games.
Website Link
Specify the game website URL. (optional)
Game Media
Select an image to use as a thumbnail for the specified game overriding the default thumbnail retrieved from the game's executable.
Cover Art
Select an image to use as a cover art for the specified game.
Cover Art Color
Specify the cover art color.


My Games Widget

Game Fire - My Games Desktop widget
My Games widget allows you to access and manage your games collection from anywhere on your computer without the need to launch Game Fire.
You can open the My Games widget either by right-clicking on the Game Fire icon in the system tray and selecting My Games or by using the My Games hotkey. (the default Ctrl + Shift + M)
You can change the My Games hotkey by going to Game Fire Settings > My Games > Enable My Games hotkey

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