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Game Fire - Register license
To use the Professional edition of Game Fire, you will have to either purchase a license code from the Smart PC Utilities store or use the free 30-day trial of Game Fire Pro by clicking the Start Free Trial button Game Fire - Start Free Trial in the lower right corner of Game Fire's user interface.
If you already have a Game Fire Pro license code, you will have to register the software using that code. In the lower right corner of Game Fire's interface click the Register button Game Fire - Register license; this will open the Register Game Fire Pro dialog box where you can enter your license details to activate the software license.
In the Register Game Fire Pro dialog, enter your username in the Name field, your email address in the Email field, and the 24 characters license code in the License Key field, then click the Register button.
For more information about how to register your Game Fire Pro license, please refer to our License Redemption Guide.
A working Internet connection is required to verify your license information and to cache the license on your computer.
You can use the Paste from Clipboard buttons to get license information from the clipboard to avoid typos.
If license registration is completed successfully, a message box will show up informing you that Game Fire Pro was successfully activated, and by clicking the OK button Game Fire will be restarted.
If you already purchased a Game Fire Pro license and did not receive or lost that license code, click the I lost my license code link, and we will help you restore it.
You can revoke your license, for example in case of requesting a refund by clicking the Revoke License button in the About Game Fire dialog box.

Common Errors:
For common licensing issues and how to fix them, please refer to the Common Error Messages section in our License Redemption Guide.

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