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Process Optimizer

Game Fire - Process Optimizer
Process Optimizer is a processes management utility that enables you to identify and optimize unnecessary processes that consume system resources, thus affecting your gaming experience. By using Process Optimizer you can manage and optimize both traditional Win32 processes and modern Windows 10 app processes. Process Optimizer is safe to use as it only allows the management of user processes excluding critical system and security software processes.
To change the default behavior of Process Optimizer and allow the management of all running processes, go to Game Fire Settings > Other > Process Optimizer > Show processes from all users
Once you identify processes that consume CPU and memory resources, you can either manually terminate those processes or attach them to your Game Mode settings in which Game Fire will automatically terminate them when Game Mode is activated and restore the optimized processes when Game Mode is turned off.
Add to Game Mode
Attach the selected process to Game Mode settings so that Game Fire can automatically terminate the selected process when activating Game Mode and restore it when you turn off Game Mode.
Remove from Game Mode
Detach the selected process from Game Mode settings to prevent Game Fire from automatically terminating the selected process when Game Mode is activated.
End Process
Terminate the selected process.
Refresh the listed processes information.
To change the update speed of processes information in Process Optimizer, go to Game Fire Settings > Other > Process Optimizer > Processes refresh speed
Open Process Optimizer settings.
Select Columns
Customize the columns displayed in Process Optimizer (see Process Optimizer Columns below).

Process Optimizer Context Menu
Minimize the main window of the selected process.
Maximize the main window of the selected process.
Bring to Front
Bring the main window of the selected process to the foreground.
Exclude and remove the selected process from the Process Optimizer.
To manage Process Optimizer exclusions, go to Game Fire Settings > Other > Process Optimizer > Exclude processes from Process Optimizer
End Process
Terminate the selected process.
End Process Tree
Terminate the selected process tree.
Open Location
Open the location of the selected process's executable in File Explorer.
Optimize Memory
Reduce the working set size of the selected process to minimize its memory usage.
Change the processing priority of the selected process.
Change the affinity of the selected process.
Search Online
Search the web for the selected process information.
File Properties
Open the File Properties dialog box of the selected process's executable file.

Process Optimizer Columns
Game Fire - Process Optimizer Columns
You can use this dialog to customize the Process Optimizer columns. Select the columns you want to display in Process Optimizer and unselect columns you think they do not offer interesting information for you.

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