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Game Mode Profile

Game Mode Profile
The Game Mode Profile is a set of options and configurations that control how Game Fire optimizes your computer and which features and services to suspend while Game Mode is activated. You can use a profile from the pre-defined profiles, change its settings, or create an entirely new one. You can switch between profiles using the Default Profile combo box.
Create a new Game Mode Profile. (see New Game Mode Profile below)
Delete the selected Game Mode Profile.
Export the settings of the selected Game Mode Profile into a Windows Registry file.
Game Mode Profile options are grouped into 5 categories, each option has a small question mark which displays a tooltip to help you understand each one.

New Game Mode Profile
New Game Mode Profile
In the New Game Mode Profile dialog box, you can create a new profile by only specify its name in the Profile Name text field. You can choose whether the new profile should be the default one by checking Set as the default profile.

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