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CryptoBuster License Info
The License Information dialog displays your current CryptoBuster license information, including the license code, username, and subscription status. It also offers links to common licensing tasks.
To open the License Information dialog; in the CryptoBuster dashboard click the Subscription Status link.
Register License
Opens the Register CryptoBuster License dialog where you can enter your name and license code to register and activate your CryptoBuster license.
Trial License
Opens the CryptoBuster Trial dialog where you can enter your name and email address to register your free 30-day CryptoBuster trial license.
Purchase License
Opens a web page where you can buy a new CryptoBuster license.
Renew Subscription
Opens a web page where you can renew your CryptoBuster license subscription.
Transfer License
Opens a web page that you can use to transfer your CryptoBuster license to a new computer.
Revoke License
Opens the Revoke CryptoBuster License dialog to revoke your CryptoBuster license.

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